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Привет! Нонича спрашиваю долготерпение. Я не сказала только по-русский 8 годы. Теперь отличный, как бы ни.
(N.B.: I am practising invention in the language I read and hear fairly often these days. It's just like Cicero! Only in a language currently in use! I may be off, but I want to finally reply to krevetka_flo's suggestion and practice anyway.)

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Это будет улучшать! Договорная обязанность.

Does a dolphin eat 30 lbs of fish a day?

Hello! Happy Monday, for those on this side of the planet... I have minimal sleep levels to compose this entry through, so please bear with me. In a few moments, I will return to reading Andy Weir's The Martian, since I have been told not to tell anyone else to read it until I'm at least to page 200, and I am still in the thirties. I have not the inclination to lug the book here to tell Goodreads the exact page I'm on until I am done reading it for the day.

Father drove me to Cape May in New Jersey this morning to board a vessel off the coast of the United States. This is what happened.Collapse )

Injury tally: two bruised knees (from the side of the boat, casting and reeling without paying much attention), right upper arm ache, sunburn from only applying sunscreen once at 4:45 in the morning then ignoring it the rest of the day. Such shall heal!
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Might as well put thoughts here

The weather is lovely, a little chilly (but I might just find it colder since I only have a quarter of my hair), and I wanted to let the world know I still exist.

Tomorrow morning I finally get to ask a lawyer immigration questions for my unbelievably-attractive acquaintance's sake! ^_^ I've got a numbered list right by the phone: what do I need to do for this to happen (paperwork-wise?), and how long should I tell him would be realistic? The reason I wrote it down is that I panic and blank out when on the line in unscripted conversations (I've listened to silences stretch for a long while now - I think only Cong didn't mind), and also when I was writing it out I was talking to him and I was surprisingly blanky then, too. It was really unusual, even in my experience. The possible attribution is l'amour. True, that does seem valid from comparing with my past romantic exploits... but the other possible attribution is my brain trauma injury acting up again. I'm trying to tone that down! Honestly!
My, that sounds confused. So what I meant is that to prevent problems from my semi-recently damaged brain I rehearsed what I wanted a few times and wrote it down a few times in a few places.

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So now that I've written it all out so that it sticks in my head, that doesn't seem as nightmarish as my mind was depicting it. I think I'll throw insomnia caution to the wind, get another cup of tea, and have a lovely evening! ^_^
Oh, my, would I end up giving him political asylum in the guest bedroom across from my sister's room?
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Long-awaited entry of re-evaluation!

So my plan for this entry is to track where I am and what my plan is with each item.

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Happy delayed April Fools!
I just ended up talking about literature here, but I meant to detail how I'm going to Rite-Aid once a week to measure my vital signs such as BMI, blood pressure, and pulse - this way I don't have to live at the doctor's office. (I already do, but for other issues such as seizures and allergic reactions to the seizure medication - this is the safest one, after trying four - first, third and fourth I was more allergic to, the second made me terrorise nurses with a creepy phone call, though I was honestly just trying to report bad reactions to the medication and request a change, rather than calling the suicide hot line, which would open up a different can of worms! After all, I identified the problem was the drug and not actual inclinations to call the whole thing I have going off. After all, I have at least three more countries I want to visit! They made me recite after them that next time I'd call 911 or a couple of suicide hot lines, which I already had in my phone from WCU.)
Last time I went to that Rite-Aid was just before I got on the bus to meet my friend for lunch at the China King off Route 352, I think. (After he requested the first thing on the menu, I got something the same price, though I said that I wanted something about double that price - concluding that I can always get it next time. The boy's face lit up, even though I didn't imply next time was definitely going to be with him, my sister likes Chinese cuisine! Possibly, though - it seems so much like he may be jealous over all the attention I'm paying Oğuz Eray, though seriously that person is even further away than Cong!) I was by myself so had just walked about a mile and a half. My pulse was 129, blood pressure three digits over two, and I weighed 140 lbs, which is more than last time.
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Dermatological Adventure!

Привет! ^_^ *sips from same cup of oolong from 6 a.m. refilled and microwaved a few times*

This morning at 8:45 I went to the office right next to my dentist's to get my skin problem analyzed from an expert's viewpoint.
Generally speaking, I hate dealing with topical issues, since normally the cause is far deeper than at the surface, take the collapse of the Soviet Union, which many historical sources I've read claim is due to the faulty mind set behind the economic system, and not the fact that there just were no loaves of bread on the shelves.

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So that book has a lot to do with what I'd learned about middle and western Asia, besides all the random stuff Yury fed me about Afghanistan! It wasn't too much information that I couldn't apply anywhere in my life ever, like I had gotten the impression at some point.
How about that.
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Reflections regarding a recent book

Hello, LJ!

I am reading Lisa Genova's Still Alice, as I'm automatically suspicious of movies (I've noticed the movie trailer a few times). A line made me decide to come here to talk about it.

I don"t know if any spoilers are below the cut.Collapse )

So, has your life been beautiful, successful, productive, happy, or otherwise satisfactory?

Pleasant evening with the local bird club!

Hello. (It is cold and snowy, so both uni and the primary schools closed for the day.)

Yesterday evening I went to my first bird club meeting. I found it very close to my student government meetings, if definitely more ornithology/ophthalmology themed and covering a slightly different age category.
The presentation regarded the treasurer's trip to Hong Kong. He said it was for birding, but the ulterior motive seemed rather his granddaughter's wedding, judging from the photographs he showed.

I am okay, if a bit more drugged!

I want to explain my readings but I have a surprising amount of trouble, most likely more neurological than with the computer.
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Personal psychological evaluation

At 1915 I mean to force another pill down - I am very reluctant due to childhood indoctrination that drugs are bad (reference: People can tell me what they've done...) and also it supposedly amplifies this sleepy state. ETA: no, I have found it excites me, not the tea. Meanwhile I am here to explain how my life has evolved as of late to a wider audience than Katie, Janelle, Lauren, Liane, and Matt (the people I have contacted outside my home), in a manner uncomfortably close to Solzhenitsyn's most popular novel A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, but that has to do with my temporary fascination with that unfortunate facet of Soviet history, ah: the GULag. (I promised the last person of that list I would discuss the GA's relation with Night [Gulag Archipelago, not General Assembly which is how I've always seen GA standing for] as soon as I stabilised from this rollercoaster of emotion which I have ascribed to the Levetiracetam 500 mg tablets my neurologist has suggested I sample, but I'm getting ahead of myself, and will explain that part later, and how it is sadly different from the females Cecil has sampled in The Feminine Specimen. My alternate hypotheses are I haven't slept well for the past however long, I've just returned from the hospital, I haven't been exercising as regularly, my cats have been keeping me up, and I have been texting people in the middle of the night.
I am of the opinion my life is interesting, so that is why I tell people about it.

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Oh, did I say that part yet? (I am reiterating from conversations I've recently had, so don't reread this looking for it) The stuff about why I don't like English, but I love Latin/Greek/Persian/Hindi/Urdu? I think so, since it has to do with being distinguishable from the crowd, and I don't like being bored by people telling me stuff I already know like the back of my hand, since Latin and my middle school Latin teacher's hilarity then my high school teacher's being the student of my Latin professor. Aw, it's true I am embarrassed I have such difficulty picking Matt out from a crowd, but that's because he doesn't look different from anyone else, in my opinion. (He hates when I say that, and when I talk about him on my blogs. For this reason, I only talk about him on LiveJournal and not DreamWidth, so that he can inspect what I have said about him, as we all like to hear what other people say about us. But I honestly have trouble telling! Anyway, I think I showered him with praise for his toleration of my constant state of mental confusion, so he should be content enough with it. My mother suggested his behaviour is to exhibit dominance over me, which I will tolerate since I have unfortunately semi-recently discovered a fascination with BDSM. It probably has to do with how I am fascinated with the GULag. I'm sorry!)

That's the other thing: I will not tolerate boredom, so I always have something I'm doing, like In The First Circle by my side. This unfortunately means that I am constantly low on sleep, but is the zek's life any less interesting than when I first saw it in One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich? I say no. But Matt is beating that idea out of me, since he says it's no less appalling than Night, which I hated almost as much as Rudy Simone's Aspergirls, which advocates mediocrity, just like everyone else, which upset me. ETA: Now I understand why Lauren was apologising to me over the phone! She told me she wanted to make me feel better about myself, since a lot of people aren't "normal". But that individuality/Abby Normal insistence is also counter to the Communist ideology, but I have to depart now and read Solzhenitsyn until the :15 mark when I am sampling this drug the doctor suggested I try...

Victory! I rescued this from the mess that LJ transformed it into for some unfathomable reason. However, maybe not victory, since I seem to be still not all the way mentally stable... it may have to do with the fact I am still recovering from WTF happened last Thursday...

Whuh? What happened to my life NOW???

*pet kitten in lap* In my shower, I decided that life would be most easily progressed if I decided on a permanent basis to spend an odd hour writing to an even hour reading (to "replenish the creativity streams" as J. Cameron enthuses in her varied books e.g. The Creative Way). Then I got into an argument whether even hours (0000, 2000, 4000, &c) would be reading or writing. My conclusion was to start with whichever I found myself doing at one or the other. For this reason I am going to be writing until 2200 - besides this, I have my draft of Verst After Verst, which is honestly a frightening ride through my mental scenery! My parents are going to bed at that point, so it will be turbulent, but then I an straighten that out eventually. I decided in the morning I would default writing to harness my morning energy, then in the evening I would default reading, especially since I must spend the most time in my room and I've lazily spent most of my laptop time in the dining room (in my typical spot).

This is doomed to failure, due to the lacunae of life interfering. But the idea is almost set in stone. Anyway, I have been buried in some really interesting books as of late, such as R. Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and R. Kipling's Kim.

I'm going to retire now. We'll see if this works to create anything fun!
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I remember writing faster than that in the past!

I word-warred with myself for twenty minutes in preparation for the big upcoming season. As I reported to my light sister, I wrote far fewer words than I am accustomed to spewing in that kind of time frame - 279 words. I calculated that with that kind of output the famous NaNoWriMo standard of 50000 would then take me 57 hours.

What I want is virtually impossible. However, it's worth a try! And I'm having fun on the way. Maybe I'll come back to 750words, since I found it helpful. I'm just a little leery of whether it costs anything these days. It doesn't seem so, but it also seems to have forgotten me. Maybe later I'll sign back up.

I watched the new LiveJournal movie. I don't think it properly illustrates the wankfests of the past. But, then again, that isn't really a major plus to the wonders of the platform. I suppose one can't really record how that makes one feel.

Earlier today or yesterday I had a globalisation disagreement on DreamWidth! It made me come across as narrow-minded and supportive of big business overwhelming small ways of life, which is pretty entertaining, considering that is exactly opposite of how I feel.
My opinion on it is that globalisation should happen so our diverse communities have less chance of becoming stratified. I see globalisation as meaning everyone has a new access to everything everywhere.
Maybe that's childish. I've only been around for a couple of years, so I don't really know or understand.