Am I being unfair?

My dictionary suggests нечестный, недобросовестный, несправедливый, неблагоприятный, and a couple other ne words besides пристрастный. But aren't the people telling me these things (that my main focus needs to rest solely on finding meaningful employment and life's unfair to their typical patients so I shouldn't be acting this way) those with higher degrees than a 4-year bachelors themselves?
How, after all, does anyone get to that point?

I mean, I understand the economy needs actors to make all its parts work. I'm very familiar with this, courtesy Marx, Engels, (OK I'm cheating and looking off a list to see whom else I recognise) Aquinas, Ariely, Aristotle, Bastiat, Bulgakov, Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Copernicus, Kahneman, Locke, Piketty, Plato, Quesnay, Sachs, Jean-Baptiste Say, Stiglitz, Xenophon, Thomas More, Bentham, Ricardo, and John Stuart Mill...
I promise those are only people I've read for at least two hours. Or maybe I'm exaggerating. But no, those are the ones whose ideologies I've at least vaguely followed!

Tomorrow I am planning to come to the first Immaculata Symphony rehearsal. (I'd been stressing over it to a number of close-ish acquaintances and family members - hopefully it won't come to this, but I might phone Matt in tears late tonight, since he seems to know how to calm me down.)

It may be OK since this is what I've always been prepared to do, but it may also be a nightmare since my reeds are a glorified mess and I left Anna the first oboist such a terrified-sounding message last week or the one before, and I have only one reed I have fully made by myself.
They might decide one of the other oboists who show up to this rehearsal is a better full-time fit for this symphony.

This is what I've trained for!

This Thursday I'm materialising in Immaculata for the initial symphonic rehearsal.
I bypassed auditions this year by having a long past history of superb oboe performance. I don't remember if I've played with this ensemble before - I don't think so, I remember more Chesco Pops (the ensemble from which I got into that accident). I think Marilyn is a part of Chesco Pops, too, so she told me to just show up Thursday.
According to the roster, Anna is the principal for this ensemble, too. (Oh, looking at it more closely, a male relation of the bassoonist who taught me privately outside university is a co-principal!) I called Anna in paranoia a few weeks ago and cried about my insecurities to her voicemail until I felt better enough to run a few scales on Phyllis.

So I have no reason to have anxiety. This is like letting a fish loose into the ocean. (I'm just wary of the orcas, seals, sharks, and other creatures with big sharp pointy teeth like harpists.)

So now I mean to extend my endurance (but I've always meant to extend my endurance. It's never really worked.) and stop worrying over things.

Both of these objectives I have difficulty accomplishing. But maybe getting off the computer and putting Alexander back together will get me back into the zone to get something done.
Tomoyo srs

Tempus fugit!

A few things have been happening to me lately, much as they did to Ilya Ilyich Oblomov eventually even though he tried to keep mostly sedentary.
(I watched Несколько дней из жизни И. И. Обломова semi-recently! Far more recently, as in yesterday, my kindly friend Ian took me to watch the opening night's show at the International House of Philadelphia - two films, Vitaly Mansky's Bliss and Alina Rudnitskaya's Civil Status. The Cyrillic rushed by my face too quickly for me to catch it exactly. I could check their works to be sure through my l33t Russian Wikipedia skillz... *boots self out of laziness and checks Mansky's Wiki first*) Ah, yes, it was Благодать, then Гражданское Цоцторние, which can be seen here. I told him they are supposed to be funny. He told me they were depressing and that the best thing about the evening was that I was there.
This may be ego-boosting, but I also seemed to have had no competition.

The other stuff going on is I've been trying to increase my endurance on my primary musical instrument, the oboe! Through focus on playing the music I put to this entry.

Hmm, using these l33t Russian Wiki skillz I detailed earlier, I could maybe find the two films that are supposed to be playing today at the IHP! Then watch Jeopardy as well as them, from the comfort of my home! That might be nice. It wouldn't be in Philly, though...

*disappears for a quiz show*


Сегодня закончил изводить Дуолинго французский.
Today I ended up using Duolingo French.

Головные боли вернулись, но они не могли иметь ничего общего с языком, а возможно, лишь следствием моей травмы головы (сотрясением мозга).
The headaches are back, but those might not have anything to do with language but my brain injury.

При потягивании боли уменьшились, и я заметила, что вся проблема была не в голове, а в моей спине.
In elimination of the pain via stretching, I noticed the entire problem was not in thought but in my back.

Не сдавайся же, борись до конца.
So, carry on!

(I'd been doing other things, too, and it's been very hot, but this is what I decided to mention most. My sister's birthday is tomorrow!)

Edit: I saw my lolrussian only a little off! ^_^ It's an improvement. I keep telling people around me about the amazement of Goncharov.
(I'd write it out in Russian too but I was just invited to go off somewhere so I'll be back later.)

Reasonable news.

According to the higi station down the road, my BMI has gone down by half a kg/m2 over the year. Wiki says units are usually omitted informally, but I don't care. (I'm closer to the edge of underweight, but still OK.)

Higi means origins in a language based in Chad, according to the website.

According to Goodreads, I am two books ahead of schedule, but I don't want to increase my anticipated yield of 300 completed books this year unless I reach ten books ahead, to account for possible laziness in August when I tend to be writing. This year might be the one I finally write a whole novel short story in Russian. I trust I can compose in that language more than in Chinese, which I'm more comfortable using to speak.
It's probably also bad that my trivia recall record is so low, but I honestly haven't been trying too hard.

Goncharov's Oblomov has been fun, the little I've read of it thus far! I seriously delved into it today.
(And I entered a giveaway for M.V. Freeman's Incandescent. It might be more worth my while to enter the one for Ezekiel Watch, too. I'll enter them both! I enter those book giveaways all the time, but have never won them. I received a complimentary copy of Bald New World, though, since the author felt inspired by my review. It's now on my bookshelf right next to Chris Baty's "No Plot? No Problem!")

I think the last big book I might be well-advised to polish off for tomorrow is Dinaw Mengestu's All Our Names. But then again, I have yet to renew it. I'll probably renew it tomorrow, watch Women in Love with my mother then, then drop it off on Sunday along with everything else I've finished.

/so lazy

Первая Попытка: мысли быть тут

Привет! Нонича спрашиваю долготерпение. Я не сказала только по-русский 8 годы. Теперь отличный, как бы ни.
(N.B.: I am practising invention in the language I read and hear fairly often these days. It's just like Cicero! Only in a language currently in use! I may be off, but I want to finally reply to krevetka_flo's suggestion and practice anyway.)

Репетиция приневоливат умение!Collapse )

Это будет улучшать! Договорная обязанность.

Does a dolphin eat 30 lbs of fish a day?

Hello! Happy Monday, for those on this side of the planet... I have minimal sleep levels to compose this entry through, so please bear with me. In a few moments, I will return to reading Andy Weir's The Martian, since I have been told not to tell anyone else to read it until I'm at least to page 200, and I am still in the thirties. I have not the inclination to lug the book here to tell Goodreads the exact page I'm on until I am done reading it for the day.

Father drove me to Cape May in New Jersey this morning to board a vessel off the coast of the United States. This is what happened.Collapse )

Injury tally: two bruised knees (from the side of the boat, casting and reeling without paying much attention), right upper arm ache, sunburn from only applying sunscreen once at 4:45 in the morning then ignoring it the rest of the day. Such shall heal!
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Might as well put thoughts here

The weather is lovely, a little chilly (but I might just find it colder since I only have a quarter of my hair), and I wanted to let the world know I still exist.

Tomorrow morning I finally get to ask a lawyer immigration questions for my unbelievably-attractive acquaintance's sake! ^_^ I've got a numbered list right by the phone: what do I need to do for this to happen (paperwork-wise?), and how long should I tell him would be realistic? The reason I wrote it down is that I panic and blank out when on the line in unscripted conversations (I've listened to silences stretch for a long while now - I think only Cong didn't mind), and also when I was writing it out I was talking to him and I was surprisingly blanky then, too. It was really unusual, even in my experience. The possible attribution is l'amour. True, that does seem valid from comparing with my past romantic exploits... but the other possible attribution is my brain trauma injury acting up again. I'm trying to tone that down! Honestly!
My, that sounds confused. So what I meant is that to prevent problems from my semi-recently damaged brain I rehearsed what I wanted a few times and wrote it down a few times in a few places.

I would like more tea to brood over my thoughts but Read more...Collapse )

So now that I've written it all out so that it sticks in my head, that doesn't seem as nightmarish as my mind was depicting it. I think I'll throw insomnia caution to the wind, get another cup of tea, and have a lovely evening! ^_^
Oh, my, would I end up giving him political asylum in the guest bedroom across from my sister's room?
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Long-awaited entry of re-evaluation!

So my plan for this entry is to track where I am and what my plan is with each item.

Using the music for pep.Collapse )

Happy delayed April Fools!
I just ended up talking about literature here, but I meant to detail how I'm going to Rite-Aid once a week to measure my vital signs such as BMI, blood pressure, and pulse - this way I don't have to live at the doctor's office. (I already do, but for other issues such as seizures and allergic reactions to the seizure medication - this is the safest one, after trying four - first, third and fourth I was more allergic to, the second made me terrorise nurses with a creepy phone call, though I was honestly just trying to report bad reactions to the medication and request a change, rather than calling the suicide hot line, which would open up a different can of worms! After all, I identified the problem was the drug and not actual inclinations to call the whole thing I have going off. After all, I have at least three more countries I want to visit! They made me recite after them that next time I'd call 911 or a couple of suicide hot lines, which I already had in my phone from WCU.)
Last time I went to that Rite-Aid was just before I got on the bus to meet my friend for lunch at the China King off Route 352, I think. (After he requested the first thing on the menu, I got something the same price, though I said that I wanted something about double that price - concluding that I can always get it next time. The boy's face lit up, even though I didn't imply next time was definitely going to be with him, my sister likes Chinese cuisine! Possibly, though - it seems so much like he may be jealous over all the attention I'm paying Oğuz Eray, though seriously that person is even further away than Cong!) I was by myself so had just walked about a mile and a half. My pulse was 129, blood pressure three digits over two, and I weighed 140 lbs, which is more than last time.
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Dermatological Adventure!

Привет! ^_^ *sips from same cup of oolong from 6 a.m. refilled and microwaved a few times*

This morning at 8:45 I went to the office right next to my dentist's to get my skin problem analyzed from an expert's viewpoint.
Generally speaking, I hate dealing with topical issues, since normally the cause is far deeper than at the surface, take the collapse of the Soviet Union, which many historical sources I've read claim is due to the faulty mind set behind the economic system, and not the fact that there just were no loaves of bread on the shelves.

Rambling.Collapse )

So that book has a lot to do with what I'd learned about middle and western Asia, besides all the random stuff Yury fed me about Afghanistan! It wasn't too much information that I couldn't apply anywhere in my life ever, like I had gotten the impression at some point.
How about that.
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