As you imagine, life rarely goes as planned

I avoid pop culture as best as possible, since I've generally feared it all wrong. However, my sister who visited Paris told me Hunchback of Notre Dame portrays the capital of France relatively accurately.

Besides, the themes and motifs are pretty well depicted! The one which stuck with me most was being the outcast, but that's such a prima donna assertion.

This weekend I mean to come down to DC for varied purposes. That is out-of-state, though I've been there to take the JLPT and maybe visit the Capitol building. It looks like I have to restart to get my email to work, so I'll be back shortly to actually discuss what I meant to talk about.

Life is fun~!

So, things have been coming along in an entertaining way lately! Tomorrow, Thursday, is another doctor's appointment, the day after that, Friday, I'm riding Amtrak from 30th Street to Union, the next day, Saturday, I'm coming back, Sunday I'm resting, Monday is my cat's vet appointment, then Tuesday I'm thinking of going to Uni to figure out enrolment into September GRE pwning.

Every day I have been reading a page of Katie's Peanuts à Vendre book to better familiarise myself with the French language. Or so I claim. I've been trying to learn French in a failsome slipslod way. All I really need to do is talk with the right people, and it should be simple. But I've not.

Instead, I have been picking up French through Russian and Farsi. As far as Russian goes, I've been Dostoevskying it as of late (his Notes from Underground and The Idiot), and for Farsi I've been watching the Farsi Wizard lady. I paired it with French since some are the same words. Like merci gets the same sentiment across. Then Russian is tied with French culturally.

Then when that bored me, I listened to a learn Hindi in 3 minutes clip. I have been hesitant to learn Hindi since I'd heard there are multitudes of dialects so none of it is useful overall. However, I decided to throw caution to the wind and learn some anyway since I've been reading Hesse's Siddhartha and I wanted to understand that culture better even if it's only a small portion of that vast sub-continent.

Tomorrow after my doctor's appointment I'm sorting out exacts about the choo-choo. I've heard much about 30th Street Station, but I've only been to it for some sort of business conference. I may have to suppress a latent discomfort with trains from the Anna Karenina and Jiisatsu Saakuru movies. I could go on the 8:45 train, the 11:10 one, or the 2:29 one, depending on several variables.

नमस्ते! This makes the Alice in Wonderland song "Hello, goodbye, I'm late I'm late I'm late" more sensical. In some languages it's the same thing.

Still trying to straighten out in my head...

What's the difference between politics and economics, if it exists?

I have considered three hypotheses, since this stuff has been on my mind for a very long time, and I even got a J.E. Anderson text about it called "Politics and the Economy" recently.

Why do I not know yet? I've an undergraduate degree.Collapse )

Maybe that gave me more peace of mind.
I think politics and economics get confused since the government is concerned with directing how people get stuff done, and Marx wrote several long, confusing dissertation-type essays.

My music selection I picked since I've been interpreting for my dear little sister a book about Korean music for when she goes to visit her boyfriend who is teaching English in the ROK soon. Personally I generally like DPRK music better, but that may have to do more with my political leanings than an objective quality analysis, and I should stay very quiet about it since people get upset so fast.
Anyway, if objective quality were involved and Marxian readings were not, the South wins hands down due to its stronger economy leading to more and healthier people.
This is politically "much better" to enjoy.

I don't really know any Korean, even less than I know any Russian.

Ridding Self of Excess Energy!

That singer emphasises the lyrics with proper movements! *sings along with her, seeks lyrics so it's more accurate* Afterwards is historical contextualisation.

It's a little sad I have to focus on war, even after learning about the regime of peace and love, but, ah...

I think the Sisters Tomachevy sing it more cheerfully.

Anyway, This turned into a massive entry, извините!Collapse )

I'm tempted to quit and just take this back. But that means I've lost! No! I've been recommended this, from someone important, so I want to read all of it!

Hazy mental processes.

I've been thinking in a strange way. Maybe it's a high from old book smell, or maybe it's just how I always feel on this day of the week, my Father's final day of class, Friday. I have myriads of friends constantly trying to talk to me, so it can't be a loneliness side effect. Do I really feel lost like I have no idea where I'm going? Wasn't I just hanging in there until taking the GRE's, then applying to incredible graduate schools, um, for what? Latin and Greek have not been fun lately, and international politics/economics frighten me.

Usually when I'm afraid, it is since I don't understand. But, I've been poring through the earliest collection of Lenin's works, but that man terrifies me still. Marx has been only fun - I'm in the middle of the draft of his third instalment of Capital. But, Lenin... ._. I understand now why my friend insisted on Marxism-Leninism being the competing force against everything sane, not just Marxism or Communism. I am scared of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin now.

Is history what I'm doing? True, Chinese history got me into international scholarship last summer, even if I wasn't exactly the star of that class... I just looked into the ancient Song economy, then Deng Xiaoping. Then I revealed to Professor Chien that China is still about how she remembered, left Professor Cai there, and melted into Soviet studies, as so many people in China grouped me with the Russians, not with the Americans. So, I thought, might as well!

Today the physical therapist gave me an interesting weighted vest. It seems to do something to me - sit up straighter, walk more professionally, smell different. Maybe if I played oboe while wearing it, I would have an easier time? The smell might dissipate in a month.

That might be worth an experiment tomorrow. Not now, I'm half asleep, barely hanging in there... Aw, but I wanted to mention wtf is going on between my former international relations professor and me!

Maybe next time. My mental haze is denser than smog...

My, how dangerous!

I try to communicate in another language besides English, namely a not-100%-positive critique of artwork, yet it gets misconstrued as an ad-hominem attack. I suppose I will just try again, for this neighbourhood is fortified by a wealthy network. The pen stings more acutely than the sword.

Or writing is harder to understand than military action, anyway. I just finished T. Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century this morning. His bottom line was that everyone should be interested in money, which comes across as so capitalistic.
I just need to work on my interpretation skillz, which I am attempting through a reading of Suetonius. I just recalled how to spell <a href="">sesterces</a>, for example, which was the Roman coinage. (At least I think they don't use them any more - I think Italy uses the euro these days like the rest of western Europe. <a href="">this website</a> implies да.

<lj-cut text="Rambling about Latin stuff.">So my rewording of "Aedes sacras vetustate conlapsas aut incendio absumptas refecit easque et ceteras opulentissimis donis adornavit, ut qui in cellam Capitolini Iovis sedecim milia pondo auri gemmasque ac margaritas quingenties <b>sestertium</b> una donatione contulerit." regards sesterces. I still need to work on my English wording, for what I have currently makes little grammatical sense. @_@ "The sacred temple had fallen from age yet when it had been exhausted by flames, it was rebuilt and by other rich gifts it had been decorated, as which in the towering Capitoline of Jove sixteen thousand pounds of gold, gems and/or pearls five hundred sesterces one giving had borne." I think the beginning is okay, then it self-destructs. I mean to have it and four other Suetonian statements pieced out by Sunday, though!

I don't have to think about Suetonius or play with John et al, I did more than enough history work throughout particularly the end of undergraduate study, but I want to play before I settle on any particular graduate study. So the next sentence is the longest of this selection: "Postquam vero pontificatum maximum, quem numquam vivo
Lepido auferre sustinuerat, mortuo demum suscepit, quidquid
fatidicorum librorum Graeci Latinique generis nullis vel
parum idoneis auctoribus vulgo ferebatur, supra duo milia
contracta undique cremavit ac solos retinuit Sibyllinos, bos
quoque dilectu habito; condiditque duobus forulis auratis sub
Palatini Apollinis basi."
I think I discussed the Greek and Latin libraries before in a previous loltranslation! I don't remember clearly. Postquam is "then after"? 没有。。。 *slinks over to her dictionary* After that is the rendering I like most: so "After that for sure the Pontifex Maximus was sustained by bearing the live born-away Lepidus, undertook death at last, to whatever extent..." OK, the first two lines of that monstrosity! @_@


I think this is good for me, though. It's just complex. Let's see if it will post properly. That button looks weird.

This is ridiculous.

Hopefully soon enough LiveJournal will get easier to post entries on again.
If it weren't being nasty, you would have better insight on what is going on between Kasra and me. Maybe Katie and me. Or even Yury and me.

The other things I meant to discuss were the Capitals (Marx & Piketty) and I Am Malala. Oh well. Maybe later.

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Hurrah, I recorded a selection of my thoughts to publish on the Internet! Next to actually record on Goodreads about my literary positions, then to research that 1982 Lebanon/Israel conflict, then to watch the rest of that movie, then to sleep.
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Life Progression!

Aww, I accidentally did away with my rough draft. Now I only have the tags I originally had planned to use. So... *scrutinises tags to reconstruct WTF*

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Lastly I wanted to say привет to Kirill! *wavewavewave* I like his portfolio. My sketchbook is filled with similar staircases. The string quartet is also neat! ^_^ This violinist is pretty.
Tomoyo ^_^

This is pretty interesting!

I have a timer clicking down how long I'm allowed to use the public terminal. When I was at University, they didn't provide such strict guidelines for time on the Intertubes.

Life has proceeded in a highly-interesting way. I think only Yury could understand wtf, with a chance possibility of Emily and maybe Alice. Essentially, I visited a graduate student today and enthused about Roman history, for I've been trying to loltranslate Suetonius.
As one can see from my specification, it is thus far low quality, considering how much of my life I've dedicated to the Classics.

I have ten minutes until the next bus, so пока! *copypasta magic*

The new LJ style is a little jarring, but survivable.
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