Tomoyo ^_^

Gong xi fa cai! 2021 is the year of the ox!

It's past five in the evening, so I am drinking boiled water, not actually tea, considering the time of day, as per recommendation, so I may sleep. (See, I am observing past journal entries where I have also noted insomnia.)

A lady from Philly's Chinatown recommends diligence, and buying good luck incense and all that fun stuff, but we're just trying to survive a pandemic here, not spend all our hard-earned cash on charms that are actually supposed to just go up in smoke. I observed her spiel since it is, in fact, today the Lunar New Year. (Not anymore in volandum's time zone but it is still that day here!)

due diligence is 尽职调查 - jìnzhídiàochá

That sounds like it's legalese. Maybe I'll come back to jìnzhídiàochá a little bit later.

I think for now I wanted rather...

diligence/diligent/industrious is 勤勉 - qínmiǎn


I like the idiom I accidentally happened upon!!! What it was: in every trade, a master appears (idiom); fig. You can produce outstanding achievements in any task, provided you put it enough love and diligence - it was: 行行出状元
It makes me think of all the hours and hours I spent in the practice rooms.
I've written some of those hanzi more than enough times...

So I am happily also reading some junk on the Free Library of Philadelphia's e-library! I learned after a couple of years that if no one else is waiting for it you can take as long as you want to read whatever you have out, although it'd be nice to return it eventually.

I think my friends are starting to stress me out though, so it's about time to get to sleep early. Hǎoshuì, which was total copypasta for goodnight.

I HAD a BBC account...


I remember looking at the stuff years and years ago. But my login didn't work anymore on the revised website. I guess I hadn't been there for quite a number of years, probably since 2011 or thenabouts... after all, I had to go off and have my fun in my little automobile oopsie.

So it's not a big deal, I just made a new account, not worrying about the weird stuff.

The fox in this clip looks so much like my younger cat!

I have been as of late reading a book about Oliver Cromwell so I had originally made my password for that website based off that, but the website rejected it as "too guessable" which seriously confused me for a moment.
Then I remembered. Oh. Duh. This is a website for the British Broadcasting Corporation.
Maybe I could have gotten away with some kind of Cromwellian password if the moderators of the site weren't English.

I got a "dinner's ready in five" call so I'll be back soon to complete this thought! I wanted to write a bit more, but maybe not right now...

Petting my cat, who hopped right next to the printer...

This entry's main character, the intrepid calico Cocchan, is maybe five or six years old by now. Today I made plans next week to rectify my graduate record. She hopped from the printer to my lap. (She just ran away when I read that Russia arrested Alexei Navalny! Whoa!! When I started undergraduate school I just began to learn about the polonium in him and all the international scandals around that person in the UK and such... I didn't really understand anything of what was going on so I just let it be.) When I was on the phone with the people from Drexel they asked me if I were also from the UK to which I denied such allegations. I didn't know exactly how to explain what happened between me and volandum before they moved onto a new subject. In fact, that is what I have to clarify on Monday, too - with a call to Cambridge University, for that matter, to retrieve a copy of my records, for I think what happened ended up being didactic in nature. I know that the new President's middle name is Robinette, but everyone is calling his middle name Robin Hood - probably since he is rescuing the helpless populace from evil. So I wrote my plan out for phoning around on Monday, to be revised over the weekend. I found out today that you can't really tell when you have made a Free Library of Philadelphia renewal, unlike the CCLS, which says 1 renewal, 2 renewals, final renewal. (I had to renew Barnaby Rudge yesterday as I am just a little halfway through it. I will just barely make it on this second renewal at this rate.) I will still try to make it within three renewals, but that is a long book, à la Charles Dickens. I observed how my new school seemed dazzled by the old school. But the whole reason I didn't tell them about it was to avoid excess twinklies, as I now have a seizure condition. Hmm, the tone-detector beta sensed I was optimistic and confident although I personally identified as nervous. That is quite curious. Maybe it is since I like the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 soundtrack, from which I picked one of my favourite tunes. I was debating between it, the Aquatic Ruin one, the Hill Top one, and the Emerald Hill, but the Chemical Plant won the night.

I am seeing how long I will extend my fancy new "meditation app" until I get tired of it!

To drown out the upsetting sound of the yard work outside, I have on my iPhone the crackling of the artificial "meditation app" background noise. I think it is officially called white sound.

So really my title is inaccurate and my initial plan has been revised to leave that sound on until my neighbours stop adjusting their property a few houses down. My phone says I have done the meditation app for 8 consecutive days, but I have heard of the meditation program as of November, but I didn't do it for stretches for x, y, or z - which reminds me that Drexel wants me to call up Cambridge and retrieve my student record, but I am so anxious about doing that due both to not liking the phone and also since it's an international call, which is more than if I were calling just down the road to complain about noise violations.
(However, there are no noise violations to speak of IRL since it is within appropriate working hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, so I imagine I would just be laughed at.)
I am quite aware there's a funny way to play the system so you don't have to pay a million dollars for being on the line for five seconds, but I think it might be sketchy.
I have read the piracy literature. That mostly applied to overseas commerce, not over the telephone lines. I mean, in the nineteenth century... In my linguistics studies, I have found those people have been nice to me, by and large, but I won't pull up stakes and cast my lots with them, due to the saying "All that glitters is not gold."

(It looks like I can meditate for twenty-five minutes. The loud sound down the road is still active, so I made a new meditation timer until I need to go at eleven.)

Even volandum has told me to call Cambridge up and even told me quite impressively what to say but I am fairly sure that I just looked off his set theory stuff a couple semesters ago. (Then I got a book on Combinatorics from the WCU library and got busy with that, telling all my buddies about that fun business like I'm some genius hatched from Great Britain, with a quite proper Queen's English accent. But of course I'm not, I'm this lady crawling in Fresh Step cat litter in West Chester, Pennsylvania.)

I switched to a Youtube thingerm for the same purpose.

Okay, I am reading the abstract. It is helpful to drown out the nasty noise. The paper is making me smile due to thinking of my combinatorics research I ended up doing in undergrad. (That is the second element mentioned. I don't know anything about model theory - yet. There's room to grow! I sang that song when I was little, hahaha. "And we all have roo-oom to grow, I want the world to know, that life is special - ocean, land and sky!")

Hmm, they seem like the noise isn't letting up so I'm going to switch to another one. This one is supposed to last for three hours.

AWWW my baby cockatiel is cooing since he likes the colours of the e-book I just pulled up that came in for me! ^_^ It's so cute!!! Goodbye!! I'm gonna read it.

I wrote to my senators, so it is time to wait with my audiobook for action to commence.

So the next five days are:

And I have fifteen more hours on my Obama audiobook. So I'll listen to it for three hours a day and it will be done, perhaps an hour at a time to make it more feasible.
It seems to be bothering my bird. He quieted "real quick."

Have you seen the Kamala La La Tree? I think it's funny.

I was almost about to say that Mike Pence is an acceptable Republican, but he has been sticking with Trump, as I have observed through Politico, which my friends have gradually advised me to trust more than local stuff for politics, so I have been more inclined to stick more with my chosen party of the Democrats (I am not actually an Independent like Bernie Sanders, much as Mattsu would like us to be).

The unpleasant thing about keeping a cockatiel on your shoulder at almost all times is the fecal matter on your shoulder. /I had to switch shirts

Sartorial is the word that has to do with that. I had never heard of it before my GRE book made me memorise it:
of or relating to tailors or their trade:
sartorial workmanship.
of or relating to clothing or style or manner of dress:
sartorial splendor.
Anatomy. pertaining to the sartorius.

Even though I took four years in high school plus three semesters in undergrad of Latin. I've been invited to a few grad seminars here and there as well but I have found the funding is best for ... sports.
I mean, I do rather like Latin and Greek, but I don't know what my current graduate school has to offer with its Classics Department and I am inclined to think nothing. I am positive UPenn or Swarthmore would be a better bet for that, and I decided against going to either of those places, at this time.

Anyway, what startled me today was to find out that Germany left the UN Security Council! This is only as of a few weeks ago, according to South China Morning Post. That looks like that's rather old news, though, according to my BBC research. My father would probably say it takes a little while for the news to travel across on the boats.

Hmm, I am not sure what to make of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's leader's speech. His birthday is now, i.e. right before volandum 's, which is in three weeks. (I have been pondering the appropriate style of poetry to pen for him, if any - as I am not actually his girlfriend anymore, I have officially left the NHS the hell alone to wallow in this terrible health quagmire by itself.
My favourite poetic form is hendecasyllabic but that gets awfully clunky and it's more proper to go with iambic pentameter, isn't it? I mean, maybe I could put at the end of a quatrain a hendecasyllabic wish for worldwide health or summat) That's three days before my mother's.

Hurrah, it says I have twelve more hours on the audiobook! I will talk more soon!

What is most important to me?

I would like equality of treatment for everyone. It looks like after a while I would like more access to resources.

Gosh, that sounds so Mary Sue-ish, but it's the case. I see constant inequities in the news, people dying and stuff like that. IDK how to mobilise others to make that a reality.

Maybe this whole thing is a bad idea to post since it sounds so pie-in-the-sky-ish.

It might be okay since I was treated well as a child. Then again, I looked like a Mary Sue.

It's true I don't even have to post this at the end. I'm not concerned about the stimulus check hint in my email. It's over 4000 and I don't care.

Also, I wish Matthew wouldn't bother me so much.

Hmm, I read 251 books last year, so this year I put myself up to the challenge of 255 to spur myself just a bit farther. I understand going for 365 is a little chancy with my other commitments such as sleep and fully understanding wtf the author is conveying. Of all my friends, that is the highest number.

All right, 364 days and 18 hours left in the year.

Shattered Snow by Rachel Huffmire is not in either e-library. I'd have to order it eventually - if I really, really want it.
I might not, since it's a YA book, and I generally tend to find those average, at best. The reviews say it's a Snow White retelling, the first in a series. Oh, it looks like I might not want to read it, then, even if I studied the actual Russian language for a long time and love sci-fi in general.

Let's consider Joe Haldeman's The Forever War. A couple of my friends really liked it. I finally put a hold on it.

I read a sampling of James Ellroy's Black Dahlia and took it off my list of To Be Read since it seemed too raunchy for my liking.

I requested the book "I Heard the Owl Call My Name" by Margaret Craven as something the Free Library of Philadelphia should get, since I'm a bit of an ornithologist by now and I think a couple of others in the area might appreciate it.

Right now I have been watching an origami movie loaned from the Free Library. I wonder how long it is. OH - I'm 12:56/1:56:43. There we are! ^_^ Maybe I need an origami tag, since I have focused on it for years since I was maybe six. The paper for origami is different from printer paper. It is colorful on one side, square... etto, if I need to return it in 7 days, then I need to watch, if it's about 120 minutes long, about eight more minutes today.

It advertises problem solving ability. How peaceful.
Tomoyo ^_^

I am so pleased to have recalled enough Russian to hack back into this account!!

You see, my LiveJournal I have password-protected, then forgotten it. The "forgot password?" email was not in my native language. (I mean, I vaguely understand Russian, but only vaguely.)
This is only relevant since it happens so regularly and also I am mildly worried that an Ash Ketchum who is not Claire-chan might come in and start posting nudes I didn't intend to be there on my LiveJournal one of these days.
N.B.: I am not actually a l33t haxx0r irl. I think only my father and a few kids from across the world could lay claim to that title.


As far as Free Library of Philadelphia news goes: I have decided to attempt to read the sixth Harry Potter in Chinese as a New Year's present to myself. It's quite an adventure. My decision on selecting that edition was made by thinking, well, most likely, most people won't be looking for that version of Harry Potter. I skimmed the English version once when it first came out a million years ago then took it back to the library.

I have researched that Harry Potter is on the most popular books of 2020 listing in the juveniles section. The sixth book is where I left off before finals in high school, so I loaned the Chinese version of that book to read now (I vaguely understand Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, and Latin). Considering languages, I think it is a better idea to build on the little stubs of the five foreign languages I've got before expanding into Spanish, Romansh, Dutch, Danish, Arabic, Portuguese, etc ad infinitum... I took a stab at Hindi/Urdu a looong time ago but I am a bit shy at coming back. Maybe I will anyway.
On my phone, I have tested and proven that I am in the Ravenclaw house in whatever Pottermore became now... Wikipedia says it is now called WizardingWorld dot com. I have chosen an owl that looks like Cora-chan, my darling cat, even if it would make more sense that an owl should be more like my pet bird - Oliver - in reality. But owls and parrots are not as close in behaviour as owls and cats - they stalk prey and don't chit-chat.

Speaking of Dutch, I recently reconnected with a high school friend on a meditation app who is in Belgium now! I am so pleased!

I mean, my older cat Matilda sleeps on my chest in the "seizure dog" position I read about from all that literature when it became apparent that I might be stuck with a seizure condition for the rest of eternity. OR until I discover the cure. You know. :D

In 2020, I have read almost as many books as there were Pokémon in the original RBY games, 147, the last book being Al Gore's The Future, and the first book being Andrey Karkov's Death and the Penguin.

There's been a silver fox in our backyard! My mother thinks that it's been attracted by all the birdseed I've been putting out.

Five days from now - Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday - I haven't used that tag in a while. I know I have a doctor's appointment coming up... okay, that's already been written down.

Tomoyo ^_^


For some wild reason, it became wildly impossible for me to log into my LiveJournal for the past eight months. You may not assume that I am about to have a baby. Right now, I am about a third the way through the audiobook of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. (And, um, about a quarter the way through the second book of the Crazy Rich Asian trilogy - but I am not listening to that right now because two people are "in line" for the former, which I think is the most bizarre thing! I don't understand wtf.) I sped it up to x3.0 because I don't want these other people to be in agony. At this rate, it will finish at 4:30 in the morning. So I just ended it since I decided I am not all that interested after all. There are better things to do.

The Dalai Lama is glad for the Presidential win!

Hmmm, konets 2020? Nyeeet!! I'm still in the middle of NaNo! It's nowhere near time to think about that yet! (Reading these definitely help comprehension - I've not had to run to the slovari for months.)

Hahaha - Джо Байден!

Hmm, I didn't sign up for the Never is Now summit right away since I wanted to go sleep. But I want to show I'm not a bigot too... It costs nothing, but I don't know where it meets. All right I looked it up and it's just an ADL online thing. I've never heard of Classy before. I'll come back to it tomorrow since I am sleepy.

The easiest way to make sure that doesn't happen...

I've been reading in my email that if re-elected the President will stop Social Security, which is problematic.

So, the simplest way to stop worrying about that is just not to elect that President. There are plenty of other options.

If that fails, there's always fleeing the country of my birth, which I have wanted to do probably since I've been sixteen or so, but I decided against it every time since I want my family to stay safe. Also, I have read it is not better for women in most of the affordable parts of the world. I am not the best at cross-dressing anyway. My voice betrays me; if my hair doesn't.

I have read that it is invasive to get the F-to-M surgery, and most likely not in my best interests due to x, y, and z.

Oh well.

(My mother was telling me about how difficult Curtis was earlier this evening, the suicidal nature of the students which was the whole topic of my first NaNoWriMo)