The easiest way to make sure that doesn't happen...

I've been reading in my email that if re-elected the President will stop Social Security, which is problematic.

So, the simplest way to stop worrying about that is just not to elect that President. There are plenty of other options.

If that fails, there's always fleeing the country of my birth, which I have wanted to do probably since I've been sixteen or so, but I decided against it every time since I want my family to stay safe. Also, I have read it is not better for women in most of the affordable parts of the world. I am not the best at cross-dressing anyway. My voice betrays me; if my hair doesn't.

I have read that it is invasive to get the F-to-M surgery, and most likely not in my best interests due to x, y, and z.

Oh well.

(My mother was telling me about how difficult Curtis was earlier this evening, the suicidal nature of the students which was the whole topic of my first NaNoWriMo)
Tomoyo srs


Today when I went out and about to visit with Victoria I disapproved of all of the coronavirus music videos my little sister played for me. (She also let me do a drop-off/pick up at the library!) I wrapped up reading the corvid book quicker than I would have normally, as I'm not really as interested in crows as my sister is. All I really remember about those little black birds who aren't officially called blackbirds is beating Psy-crow FINALLY. I played Earthworm Jim for hours and hours and hours when I was a little girl. I was STUCK in New Junk City. I probably should have muted the sound two and a half hours into it but I totally was groovy five hours in.

No one here is sick. (I mean, I have to take seizure medicine now, but no kidding, I was playing Earthworm Jim for five hours at a time when I was seven, but otherwise, I am healthy. Wo hen hao, I believe the pinyin goes.) I also mean, I hear a family member who can drive me around's smoker's cough in the distance, but that is from her habit, not from any kind of pandemic.

I am so excited since I finally got my own copy of The Annotated Alice from the library! Victoria snarked at me that if I was so upset at her that she took my copy she could have given it back but I told her no that wasn't my point.

Anyway, this copy is a little different from mine. Its dimensions are different. It must be a slightly different edition - my version had a bit of water damage and was somewhat bulkier. Also, it was dirtier. The librarian also commented that the book I took out looked like a brand new book. I told her that it is definitely not. I got an A+ on the literature review project for that probably in 2004.

Or, I don't really remember anymore, it might have been Croul, and if so, it was most likely a C and in 2007.

YESTERDAY, I acted just like my favourite SSB team!

At 10 in the morning that day, I climbed up the pole and refilled a big bird feeder in my backyard since I am sure that my backyard has no secret infections hidden in it anywhere. I have not yet seen a corresponding rise in tweeters, but I have definitely heard them. Lots more have started chirping! Many more than my mother's "Keeky weeky birds" which is her code name for the children.

Several people have chastised me for my behaviour, since no one was around to catch me if I were to have fallen. However, I timed it specifically so that no one would see me if I were to fall and make a fool of myself. I've taken gymnastics and know how to fall artistically. I watched them on TV.

Now, however, there is no more available birdseed for the "safe" feeders I can normally fill. We must go and get some more.

Have you seen this yet? That is from today, which is so cool! Savyon is in Israel, according to Wikipedia.

Wow! I am actually with the times for once! I'm used to normally being behind it by a couple weeks. Who would have known!

No one here is sick. However, due to what my mother reports, I may not depart for Europe.

Good morning. The birds are singing so I am in a good mood! There tend to be between 20 and 50 per morning in my backyard, generally chickadees, blackbirds, finches, and such. (I have taken out all the ornithology stuff at the library since I think that's pretty interesting!)

The best thing about this "coronavirus" uproar is that the people who have been helping me with the OVR have become mysteriously busy so they have started to mostly leave me alone. (Please remind me to stop randomly poking at my eyes and other facial organs. I have been told that is bad for some reason. I don't entirely understand why, but maybe there's a good reason I have yet to comprehend. It might have to do with the nastiness of my hands. But I wash them with soap and water every now and again even though those are limited resources? Generally, after I use the restroom, but sometimes when I have nothing better to do. I think "Why not sing the Cyrillic alphabet song!")

I try not to be wasteful.

Try is the keyword in that sentence. P571/622 of August 1914 by Solzhenitsyn! :D I'm getting more and more excited the closer and closer I am to the end. I didn't really know what to do with the pages that were just like century-old news, so I just sort of stared at them for about fifteen minutes or so. What else was I to do?

Also, I have been switching back and forth between French and Chinese on Duolingo. I always try to do it timed even though my therapist told me not to since that was stressful. So? Life is stressful.

Thinking of timing, it would be nice to also get like an hourglass or something so that I can time myself with, say, chess, without electronics.

Lastly, I was downhearted when it was decided that I could not go to Switzerland this summer to meet with volandum but I am sure we'll make other arrangements.
The mood of this entry is CHEERFUL - see it is not tearful it is CHEERFUL
Oh good my cat just came to save the day DON'T WORRY ANY MORE THIS IS A GOOD ENTRY AFTER ALL~
Syaoran Sleeping Beauty


Yesterday immediately before Mandatory Naptime, I was phoned by a miscellaneous 215 number. I picked up, since I have been trying to do graduate work as of late, and you never know, that might be something relevant, as 215 is the area code of the setting I had been looking into. As it turned out, I might have been better off letting it go to voicemail. It was a learning experience. I am writing this entry as a note to myself. All is well, just there are certainly plenty of nair-do-wells out there.

ETA: The current one, anyway. I'm extremely likely to branch out to others.
Song that never ends

Life's Going Much Faster Now That I've Re-Applied Myself!

I wish I could sing as low as the person in the Music for this entry. The octave up is okay for me though! My mother wonders why I have been singing about pi, but it is due to my whereabouts on the day of it. (I promise I did NOT sing it to grant myself admission. There were a couple of other things involved, such as letters of recommendation.)

OH - so it was a CARDINAL that I was hearing before I started composing this, while I have a hard time telling woodpeckers and titmice apart. Warblers and wrens are tricky for me too. Then, I think I can tell the difference between blackbirds, ravens, crows, bluebirds, and even mockingbirds, though it might be tricky... (Am I aiming to become an ornithologist? Find out in just a few terms!)
I don't know if Drexel will withdraw its offer of enrolment when the person they assigned to me as an advisor learns what I've done with other uni's in linguistics and mathematics already. I remember mentioning something beforehand that I had done something or another but I don't remember specifics.

Watching John Oliver's Medicare For All clip on the Internet reminds me of phoning the NHS in 2006 or 2007. Lemme see if I can remember exactly why... They talked me through my dilemma, which may have been solved by drinking more water or taking a deep breath or something to that effect. (I know I have panic attacks and insomnia.) It probably was about the college selection process. And I still get emails from a good number of them.

There are two fiction novels I have on hold that the library does not have on its holdshelf yet for me. If they aren't there yet tomorrow I will go and find Gardiner and Jones myself. Once someone told me not to go looking for my holds but to wait for them to be retrieved, but I protested - though it may depend on which section it comes from that they turn a blind eye to my poking about their hard work in the process of doing... Like, I think that these two would be in the random Fiction section, not SFF, which the CCL staff recognise as my speciality...

I am a bit annoyed since this entry keeps blanking out on itself - I don't know exactly how to explain what I mean.

Hahaha, Votegasm 2020! I like the bottom line of energy efficiency the most.

I have been perversely enjoying Medea. It's taught me what an [anti]strophe is, which makes me feel learned. I think that I initially picked the wrong audio translation... I like the audio which isn't the Way Translation better! It is closer to my book, ergo it blows wind into the sails of my imagination.

Downloading the second part now that I'm halfway through the first part, feeling silly I didn't download everything in a .zip file like I should have. But I must have been sleepy.
Why have I been obsessing over Medea as of late, of absolutely any Greek play? It just appealed to me the most, at the moment. I don't know. I thought I was good in the Classics. But I had never heard of any of Euripedes' plays before, I was only VAGUELY familiar with having a Euripidean conflict. However, now that I've checked Wiki for 100% sure though, I HAVE actually had to read Andromache, Hecuba, Electra, Heracles, Ion, Helen, Bacchae, and Rhesus, for school. AND ANTIGONE. Oh, ALAS, eheu, Antigone... (Stopping the first one at 36:08 to resume tomorrow)

Жорошо! I reset my password while the website was in Russian ^_^ as говарю по-русский

(Although I remember something? about the second И...; That is a question mark in Attic Greek.

As it turned out, I was detained from the Pi Day Grad Fair event at Drexel so I have not officially visited the campus on student business. (I need to buy the textbooks for my classes next term.)

MEANWHILE, I wrote a letter to my senator and a couple other representatives in Congress about the nasty stuff happening right now on Capitol Hill thanks to the Action Network. They have this handy little copypasta "reject the priorities of the Trump Budget" Website.

"Write a letter NOW to your Senators and Representative that you reject the President's priorities of cutting Medicaid, SNAP, housing, help for people with disabilities, education and job training, social services, and public health programs.

Demand that your representation in Congress fight for fair revenue and the services our nation needs to allow all of us to prosper.

I just sent my letter, you can easily send one here: https://bit.ly/CHNBudgetPetition?source=email&"

But that doesn't work very well if you aren't represented in the US Congress, I understand. What I just displayed will only work for a portion of you, as I know that not everybody I have spoken with in the past is from the US.

What I myself need from the laundry list I just gave are Medicaid, education/job training, and help for people with disabilities. (That probably counts as public health, too.)

I have been counting how many birds we have been getting around here, to report the number has skyrocketed ever since I installed a window feeder by where I read library books to see if they are of any quality and to make sure no patrons have made messes in them, just like the birds used to do on my hair and shoulders. You can't shower the book. They disintegrate in water, so then no one can read them.
Only some books I actually keep a personal copy for myself, and the rest I let lie for later in the year.

I do those Read Harder challenges, but I only actually READ the entertaining books, as I think everyone does. The total slogs which I can't stand are skim-throughs.

Happily, I've been all over last month's Chess Life! My local library just subscribed. My mother told me I needed to start to give lessons. I panicked and reminded her I was not such a good teacher, as I didn't end up with any oboe students either. I remember Jack and his mother tried... it didn't end up so well for either party.

I'm midway through my Complete Works of Horace book! It's pleasing to contemplate. Charles E. Passage is an interesting Classicist! The book's been well-loved, though, it has several marks and etches in it. I think I found them all though. I put my list in the due date pocket, illegible as it may be. (I think 112 is there more than once as well.) Well, I erased on my note the repeat.

But now I am done. It reminded me that SPQR stands for senatus populusque Romanus :DDD Let's return it now! That was fun!

And just like that!

I just signed up for the Pi Day university-wide graduate open house! Two spots on Saturday. (I am anticipating my mother will come.)

(Did you know that I was recently accepted to Drexel University for next term? To become a librarian and all the fun business that comes with that.)
A few semesters ago, I looked up from the chess book Prof Polsky loaned me at the bus stop and saw all around me that I was waiting at DU, so now here I am after having successfully made it through the barrier with the application process, waiting patiently for the tsugi no step in my life progression.

Aww, now I REALLY want to put Satie Gnossiennes 1-6 as my music instead of the pi stuff I was listening to before because the Satie is something I actually recognise from undergrad. WELL NOW I HAVE THE CHANCE ♥ My cat Cora-chan is purring in delight, as she seems to enjoy it!

Regarding the coronavirus, which my email has reminded me about, in my part of the world, the flu does in more people. Please take this opportunity to wash your hands for about 10 seconds regardless and no one will get hurt!

Oops! Looks like I slept through the Audubon webinar I was going to join last night...

BUT HI ANYWAY LIVEJOURNAL! It looks like of my recent four invitations my oboe colleague Anna-san accepted my recent Linkedin invitation to connect. She is the other oboist from when I got into the 2008 car accident. In retrospect, that ended up turning into a good thing in the end. I ended up meeting so many interesting people due to that dreadful incident. I will try, try again with the calculus at Drexel. I still have all my books. Maybe I can pick up some more at the library. I know the good call numbers by now. I'm learning more and more about Dewey Decimal every day. But also I have some fun Grecoroman books downstairs just waiting for perusal.
ETA: at 3:15 EST or maybe a few minutes before (that's just when I noticed) volandum also connected with me! ^_^

I have to present a novel I am 9% through: Lacon, Or, Many Things in a Few Words. It helps me trace the word laconic quite well, hee. Its text is a bit odd, but it is a reprint from Forgotten Books.

Mattsu is visiting tomorrow. Earlier my friend Sunny emailed me some kind of notice, and I have no clue why I can't find it any more. Oh, I just did again. OH. I see. Well then. Heheh.

Which of these align? (It is a personality trait list for people who are gifted or mentally challenged)

OK, this is an ACTIVE LJ. I can't remember what I told my mother the total of birds I counted at my window feeder was, but it was something along the lines of 58. Mostly chickadees. I hear crows distinctively besides the rest of the birdsong.