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Сегодня закончил изводить Дуолинго французский.
Today I ended up using Duolingo French.

Головные боли вернулись, но они не могли иметь ничего общего с языком, а возможно, лишь следствием моей травмы головы (сотрясением мозга).
The headaches are back, but those might not have anything to do with language but my brain injury.

При потягивании боли уменьшились, и я заметила, что вся проблема была не в голове, а в моей спине.
In elimination of the pain via stretching, I noticed the entire problem was not in thought but in my back.

Не сдавайся же, борись до конца.
So, carry on!

(I'd been doing other things, too, and it's been very hot, but this is what I decided to mention most. My sister's birthday is tomorrow!)

Edit: I saw my lolrussian only a little off! ^_^ It's an improvement. I keep telling people around me about the amazement of Goncharov.
(I'd write it out in Russian too but I was just invited to go off somewhere so I'll be back later.)
Tags: headache, health, heat, linguae, stress

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