Sakura blushy

Gah. Evening-ish walking DOES tire you out, спасибо.

In hope my physical health will improve, I spent an hour ellipticycling, as I thought that was the closest method I could use to control all the variables in my experiment. I wanted to see if I could exercise more before I went down to visit my friends on the Metro line of public transportation later in October.
(I do not trust the outdoors, as there are automobiles and all sorts of neighbours who distract me like crazy, see I'll end up spending the hour rambling about Rasputin or the like.)

Since I strongly doubt I can evenly walk for an hour straight, I set my alarm for ten minutes of straight walking, then rested on a chair for five. This rejuvenated me enough for another ten. I controlled the resistance at the 40 minute mark when I was admittedly getting bored with thinking the same things over and over.

It gets a bit tiresome living in the same head your whole life, you know? I know that's what books are for, but still...

(I can almost sing the Sailor Moon Crystal OP entirely by myself you know :P but it's still overwhelming)

I worried that maybe I should have rested for ten minutes and walked on the ellipticycle for five minutes until further notice, since I'm clearly not feeling well now - double vision and a headache are major factors of my life right now - but I wanted better results faster, so I thought that the reverse (as I had done, exercise ten and rest five) was the proper modus operandi.

So this has been my life.