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The easiest way to make sure that doesn't happen...

I've been reading in my email that if re-elected the President will stop Social Security, which is problematic.

So, the simplest way to stop worrying about that is just not to elect that President. There are plenty of other options.

If that fails, there's always fleeing the country of my birth, which I have wanted to do probably since I've been sixteen or so, but I decided against it every time since I want my family to stay safe. Also, I have read it is not better for women in most of the affordable parts of the world. I am not the best at cross-dressing anyway. My voice betrays me; if my hair doesn't.

I have read that it is invasive to get the F-to-M surgery, and most likely not in my best interests due to x, y, and z.

Oh well.

(My mother was telling me about how difficult Curtis was earlier this evening, the suicidal nature of the students which was the whole topic of my first NaNoWriMo)
Tags: fam'bly, hair, politics, voice, writing

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