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What is most important to me?

I would like equality of treatment for everyone. It looks like after a while I would like more access to resources.

Gosh, that sounds so Mary Sue-ish, but it's the case. I see constant inequities in the news, people dying and stuff like that. IDK how to mobilise others to make that a reality.

Maybe this whole thing is a bad idea to post since it sounds so pie-in-the-sky-ish.

It might be okay since I was treated well as a child. Then again, I looked like a Mary Sue.

It's true I don't even have to post this at the end. I'm not concerned about the stimulus check hint in my email. It's over 4000 and I don't care.

Also, I wish Matthew wouldn't bother me so much.

Hmm, I read 251 books last year, so this year I put myself up to the challenge of 255 to spur myself just a bit farther. I understand going for 365 is a little chancy with my other commitments such as sleep and fully understanding wtf the author is conveying. Of all my friends, that is the highest number.

All right, 364 days and 18 hours left in the year.

Shattered Snow by Rachel Huffmire is not in either e-library. I'd have to order it eventually - if I really, really want it.
I might not, since it's a YA book, and I generally tend to find those average, at best. The reviews say it's a Snow White retelling, the first in a series. Oh, it looks like I might not want to read it, then, even if I studied the actual Russian language for a long time and love sci-fi in general.

Let's consider Joe Haldeman's The Forever War. A couple of my friends really liked it. I finally put a hold on it.

I read a sampling of James Ellroy's Black Dahlia and took it off my list of To Be Read since it seemed too raunchy for my liking.

I requested the book "I Heard the Owl Call My Name" by Margaret Craven as something the Free Library of Philadelphia should get, since I'm a bit of an ornithologist by now and I think a couple of others in the area might appreciate it.

Right now I have been watching an origami movie loaned from the Free Library. I wonder how long it is. OH - I'm 12:56/1:56:43. There we are! ^_^ Maybe I need an origami tag, since I have focused on it for years since I was maybe six. The paper for origami is different from printer paper. It is colorful on one side, square... etto, if I need to return it in 7 days, then I need to watch, if it's about 120 minutes long, about eight more minutes today.

It advertises problem solving ability. How peaceful.
Tags: birds, equality, library, origami, reading, sleeping

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