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I wrote to my senators, so it is time to wait with my audiobook for action to commence.

So the next five days are:

And I have fifteen more hours on my Obama audiobook. So I'll listen to it for three hours a day and it will be done, perhaps an hour at a time to make it more feasible.
It seems to be bothering my bird. He quieted "real quick."

Have you seen the Kamala La La Tree? I think it's funny.

I was almost about to say that Mike Pence is an acceptable Republican, but he has been sticking with Trump, as I have observed through Politico, which my friends have gradually advised me to trust more than local stuff for politics, so I have been more inclined to stick more with my chosen party of the Democrats (I am not actually an Independent like Bernie Sanders, much as Mattsu would like us to be).

The unpleasant thing about keeping a cockatiel on your shoulder at almost all times is the fecal matter on your shoulder. /I had to switch shirts

Sartorial is the word that has to do with that. I had never heard of it before my GRE book made me memorise it:
of or relating to tailors or their trade:
sartorial workmanship.
of or relating to clothing or style or manner of dress:
sartorial splendor.
Anatomy. pertaining to the sartorius.

Even though I took four years in high school plus three semesters in undergrad of Latin. I've been invited to a few grad seminars here and there as well but I have found the funding is best for ... sports.
I mean, I do rather like Latin and Greek, but I don't know what my current graduate school has to offer with its Classics Department and I am inclined to think nothing. I am positive UPenn or Swarthmore would be a better bet for that, and I decided against going to either of those places, at this time.

Anyway, what startled me today was to find out that Germany left the UN Security Council! This is only as of a few weeks ago, according to South China Morning Post. That looks like that's rather old news, though, according to my BBC research. My father would probably say it takes a little while for the news to travel across on the boats.

Hmm, I am not sure what to make of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea's leader's speech. His birthday is now, i.e. right before volandum 's, which is in three weeks. (I have been pondering the appropriate style of poetry to pen for him, if any - as I am not actually his girlfriend anymore, I have officially left the NHS the hell alone to wallow in this terrible health quagmire by itself.
My favourite poetic form is hendecasyllabic but that gets awfully clunky and it's more proper to go with iambic pentameter, isn't it? I mean, maybe I could put at the end of a quatrain a hendecasyllabic wish for worldwide health or summat) That's three days before my mother's.

Hurrah, it says I have twelve more hours on the audiobook! I will talk more soon!
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