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I am seeing how long I will extend my fancy new "meditation app" until I get tired of it!

To drown out the upsetting sound of the yard work outside, I have on my iPhone the crackling of the artificial "meditation app" background noise. I think it is officially called white sound.

So really my title is inaccurate and my initial plan has been revised to leave that sound on until my neighbours stop adjusting their property a few houses down. My phone says I have done the meditation app for 8 consecutive days, but I have heard of the meditation program as of November, but I didn't do it for stretches for x, y, or z - which reminds me that Drexel wants me to call up Cambridge and retrieve my student record, but I am so anxious about doing that due both to not liking the phone and also since it's an international call, which is more than if I were calling just down the road to complain about noise violations.
(However, there are no noise violations to speak of IRL since it is within appropriate working hours, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, so I imagine I would just be laughed at.)
I am quite aware there's a funny way to play the system so you don't have to pay a million dollars for being on the line for five seconds, but I think it might be sketchy.
I have read the piracy literature. That mostly applied to overseas commerce, not over the telephone lines. I mean, in the nineteenth century... In my linguistics studies, I have found those people have been nice to me, by and large, but I won't pull up stakes and cast my lots with them, due to the saying "All that glitters is not gold."

(It looks like I can meditate for twenty-five minutes. The loud sound down the road is still active, so I made a new meditation timer until I need to go at eleven.)

Even volandum has told me to call Cambridge up and even told me quite impressively what to say but I am fairly sure that I just looked off his set theory stuff a couple semesters ago. (Then I got a book on Combinatorics from the WCU library and got busy with that, telling all my buddies about that fun business like I'm some genius hatched from Great Britain, with a quite proper Queen's English accent. But of course I'm not, I'm this lady crawling in Fresh Step cat litter in West Chester, Pennsylvania.)

I switched to a Youtube thingerm for the same purpose.

Okay, I am reading the abstract. It is helpful to drown out the nasty noise. The paper is making me smile due to thinking of my combinatorics research I ended up doing in undergrad. (That is the second element mentioned. I don't know anything about model theory - yet. There's room to grow! I sang that song when I was little, hahaha. "And we all have roo-oom to grow, I want the world to know, that life is special - ocean, land and sky!")

Hmm, they seem like the noise isn't letting up so I'm going to switch to another one. This one is supposed to last for three hours.

AWWW my baby cockatiel is cooing since he likes the colours of the e-book I just pulled up that came in for me! ^_^ It's so cute!!! Goodbye!! I'm gonna read it.
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