Claire (claire_chan) wrote,

Petting my cat, who hopped right next to the printer...

This entry's main character, the intrepid calico Cocchan, is maybe five or six years old by now. Today I made plans next week to rectify my graduate record. She hopped from the printer to my lap. (She just ran away when I read that Russia arrested Alexei Navalny! Whoa!! When I started undergraduate school I just began to learn about the polonium in him and all the international scandals around that person in the UK and such... I didn't really understand anything of what was going on so I just let it be.) When I was on the phone with the people from Drexel they asked me if I were also from the UK to which I denied such allegations. I didn't know exactly how to explain what happened between me and volandum before they moved onto a new subject. In fact, that is what I have to clarify on Monday, too - with a call to Cambridge University, for that matter, to retrieve a copy of my records, for I think what happened ended up being didactic in nature. I know that the new President's middle name is Robinette, but everyone is calling his middle name Robin Hood - probably since he is rescuing the helpless populace from evil. So I wrote my plan out for phoning around on Monday, to be revised over the weekend. I found out today that you can't really tell when you have made a Free Library of Philadelphia renewal, unlike the CCLS, which says 1 renewal, 2 renewals, final renewal. (I had to renew Barnaby Rudge yesterday as I am just a little halfway through it. I will just barely make it on this second renewal at this rate.) I will still try to make it within three renewals, but that is a long book, à la Charles Dickens. I observed how my new school seemed dazzled by the old school. But the whole reason I didn't tell them about it was to avoid excess twinklies, as I now have a seizure condition. Hmm, the tone-detector beta sensed I was optimistic and confident although I personally identified as nervous. That is quite curious. Maybe it is since I like the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 soundtrack, from which I picked one of my favourite tunes. I was debating between it, the Aquatic Ruin one, the Hill Top one, and the Emerald Hill, but the Chemical Plant won the night.
Tags: automobile oopsie, cats, fear, government, grad, library, politics, reading, tellyphone

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