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I HAD a BBC account...


I remember looking at the stuff years and years ago. But my login didn't work anymore on the revised website. I guess I hadn't been there for quite a number of years, probably since 2011 or thenabouts... after all, I had to go off and have my fun in my little automobile oopsie.

So it's not a big deal, I just made a new account, not worrying about the weird stuff.

The fox in this clip looks so much like my younger cat!

I have been as of late reading a book about Oliver Cromwell so I had originally made my password for that website based off that, but the website rejected it as "too guessable" which seriously confused me for a moment.
Then I remembered. Oh. Duh. This is a website for the British Broadcasting Corporation.
Maybe I could have gotten away with some kind of Cromwellian password if the moderators of the site weren't English.

I got a "dinner's ready in five" call so I'll be back soon to complete this thought! I wanted to write a bit more, but maybe not right now...
Tags: automobile oopsie, memory, news

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