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Gong xi fa cai! 2021 is the year of the ox!

It's past five in the evening, so I am drinking boiled water, not actually tea, considering the time of day, as per recommendation, so I may sleep. (See, I am observing past journal entries where I have also noted insomnia.)

A lady from Philly's Chinatown recommends diligence, and buying good luck incense and all that fun stuff, but we're just trying to survive a pandemic here, not spend all our hard-earned cash on charms that are actually supposed to just go up in smoke. I observed her spiel since it is, in fact, today the Lunar New Year. (Not anymore in volandum's time zone but it is still that day here!)

due diligence is 尽职调查 - jìnzhídiàochá

That sounds like it's legalese. Maybe I'll come back to jìnzhídiàochá a little bit later.

I think for now I wanted rather...

diligence/diligent/industrious is 勤勉 - qínmiǎn


I like the idiom I accidentally happened upon!!! What it was: in every trade, a master appears (idiom); fig. You can produce outstanding achievements in any task, provided you put it enough love and diligence - it was: 行行出状元
It makes me think of all the hours and hours I spent in the practice rooms.
I've written some of those hanzi more than enough times...

So I am happily also reading some junk on the Free Library of Philadelphia's e-library! I learned after a couple of years that if no one else is waiting for it you can take as long as you want to read whatever you have out, although it'd be nice to return it eventually.

I think my friends are starting to stress me out though, so it's about time to get to sleep early. Hǎoshuì, which was total copypasta for goodnight.
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