I have heard of these webcomics before.

I usually try to avoid what everyone has read, because, you know, it's what everyone talks about.
Qi Lin and Cang Shu? My cat Cora's pressing on the screen to see how their story unfolds in She's Also Cute Today anyway! The one character has the same Zodiac sign as my current boyfriend, or so it says.

I suppose I've fallen into the slice-of-life manga anyway.

Hmm, I have a couple of books out from the Free Library of Philadelphia which I haven't been attentive to. This is since it has been laggy.
Well, the Ouran High School Host Club artwork has huge eyes!

I wrote in my review that I meant to come back to Madeleine Albright but I wasn't feeling well enough to approach the topic. (The thing she wrote about fascism)

Anyway, I like this icon since I remember putting my hair up like the character when I was younger! It was kawaii.

Hmm, handsome, idle students? That sounds awfully suspicious. I don't ever remember being idle.
Okay, I scanned the first Ouran High School Host Club! It seemed okay! I thought it was cute!

There IS an anime, so I'm going to listen to the OP on Youtube!
Eh. I was unimpressed.

Meanwhile, I do like the remake of the Alice in Wonderland story I'm reading from the Free Library in the other window called Unbirthday!
It took me FOREVER to finish the first chapter and there are FORTY-FOUR. I may have to return it unfinished, looking at its due date...

I returned Code Name Verity since I couldn't really make sense of it, and I've tried, for a while.

So, let's see, I do like Unbirthday, since it makes me think of all the toils I went through from age sixteen through eighteen to understand Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and What She Found There - also Through The Looking Glass. Those were phenomenal in nature. I may want to go take something for my head about now.
Tomoyo srs

Some interesting tidbits from today!

The Japanese word of the day that just came into my inbox is onchi! (音痴/おんぢ)
It means tone-deafness.

My cockatiel Oliver and I don't know how you can speak Chinese if you have it. We have concluded you most likely cannot. I suppose that's why it's a Japanese word.

I sadly deleted the library webinar that was in my email since it cost $99 to attend it and I have become the epitome of a penniless student.

I suppose one may become obstreperous (the Merriam-Webster word of the day which I also got, meaning marked by unruly or aggressive noisiness) if excessively marked by too much 音痴, because you can't hear well enough... um... waitwait, how does tone-deafness affect life?
Like I did the whole do-re-mi... and it was hard work... I failed Theory and Aurals so many times I doubted I could really be a music major any more so I looked into being something else like the maths stuff Cong was up to - but I got really frightened about looking into whatever Rachel or Liane were doing since it seemed complex! Then also I remember texting Darren a bit to see what he was up to as well... I don't remember what instrument he plays, maybe the piano...?

Malleable is the opposite of obstreperous, thanks to my dictionary editor buddies, though I think they liked tractable better.

I am excited since according to what I have read, we in the US are pulling out of Afghanistan! "Ghost money" doesn't exist! Does it? Wasn't it supposed to be going for education?
I mean, my double-reed playing days have gone by the wayside due to my wrist injury from late March-ish... My mother and Dr Vasiuk say it's not so bad, and even have ordered an x-ray to prove it - truthfully, the medical professionals have decreed that my body has fallen within the range of normal values for my age.

I switched from watching Stephen Colbert who isn't funny and hasn't been for years to listening to Soramimi Cake, the Azumanga Daioh OP.

Oh well, it stopped in the middle. Let me find a different version, then!

This one should be full, it says so. Goodbye sadness!


Princess Maid is the webcomic of today!
I decided to stop reading it when it started talking about the injured bird's feathers because I have a cute little bird on my shoulder now.

Oh well!


I am right now eating some noodles as a consolation prize. I also asked for some nian soba from my parents who went out to eat at a fancy Japanese restaurant about an hour ago. I know how to make it here but it's nice to have. (Also, the restaurant has better things to put on it!) Also, less tedious, which is helpful for my painful wrist. It has been ailing me even before I had it examined by the team of medical practitioners, perhaps three weeks before, in mid-March. Most wisdom I have seen suggests overuse and underrest, which would make sense.

Mother claims I'm making it all up. But she doesn't know how I feel.

So things are okay now!

Yikes! I hate when I make such bad tea!spills as today T_T

I just ruined some paperwork with what happened half a minute ago. I can't stand making a mess all over my stuff.

Also, I don't fully understand why my parents are getting me noodles when they go out to a new Japanese place that recently opened for dinner, but that is all well and good.

I looked at Cereus the webcomic today!
Oh, I may not want to continue since it warned of suicide.

I'm trying Inappropriate Way to Love. I know that a yuan is monetary currency now that I spent a while studying China.
Kind of like a dollar, but I don't really want to spend too much time doing all of that stuff since then people will ask me questions about it and I'll answer correctly, then it'll become known that I'm a reliable person in that kind of field, and then... um... heheheh...

That's another suicide one, ugh. I wonder why everyone talks about that.

Okay, do I want to go on for 66 more chapters of this one? It only discusses suicide in a fleeting way.

Maybe not. Let's try yuri... This one's called She's a Keeper, where the MC's are Elle and Clara...
I checked out the author's website to discover (s)he's from the Philippines!
I advise you to click either Ultra Gay or Gay Supreme to become the 150th patron!

Being on SSI now, I have difficulty giving out money for artwork far more than I used to when I was younger.

I thought, anyway, that the biggest koliki were Russian. Today I saw an AP News article saying it was in central England. Well, maybe it's the LONGEST rabbit, not and not the HEAVIEST rabbit.

I can feel the owner's distress when I read her words! "Owner Annette Edwards, a large-rabbit breeder and model, urged the culprit or culprits to return Darius to his home 160 kilometers (100 miles) northwest of London, saying it was a “very sad day.”

She initially offered a 1,000 pound ($1,370) reward, but tweeted Tuesday: “Please Please I am so upset Can you bring my Darius back I am putting the reward up to 2,000 pounds ($2,748).”"
See, when I was a little girl, I had an enormous lop-ear rabbit named Mr Jumbo to whom I was absolutely attached. (My sister got another rabbit later but IDK anything about that one.)

Please, please, bring Mr Darius back!
Sakura blushy

Hmm, it seems that now that my paid Livejournal subscription has elapsed...

It seems that now that I am not a paid LJ member any more, not all of my former userpics are available for usage. I showed my friends one of the ones I couldn't use any more this morning (a d20 that had only 20's with the saying "True love never botches" I had found kawaii in 2011 or so).

I will probably become a paid LJ member again.

AS FAR AS WEBCOMICS GO I just found A Plot War in the Mary Sue World which made me feel better!

Egoism vs. egotism, huh. Twenty chapters, so far.

OH, THAT HAND POSITION (at the most recent one) LOOKS IMPOSSIBLE TO REPLICATE - let alone draw.

Selfishness vs stubbornness...? Hmm.
Possessiveness, obsessiveness...? Eek.

Seeing that my mouse battery level is at 13%, it looks like it is about time for an hour or two of typing while it charges (from 11:15 am). The frustrating thing I have found with most webcomics is that I can't read them for too long until my mouse battery runs out.

Locally, my local elementary school is changing. For years eternally I have always been one of the Exton Eagles. I don't even know what Fern Hill's mascot is.

I could look it up. Maybe later though since my mouse is ailing.
Well, I did it just now at 39% and it looks like a cougar or bobcat or something!

Let's calculate that. Well, it seems to be pretty quick, if every two paragraphs it goes up 10%! I like that rate.

The most joyous thing I've read today is that my wrist and hand joints are within normal limits! According to the lady, "There is no evidence of arthritis, fracture or misalignment."

What was my one true path...?

Now, I keep missing all the cool seminars and colloquia I see in my email, in favour of sleep.

Hmm, I've read in the news they've paused the rollout of two of the vaccines out there due to blood clots that resemble what happens in the actual COVID-19 disease. Well, that's the whole point of a vaccine, right?
It makes the body think it's sick, even if it isn't.

Now, I have not gotten even the promise that I could even be in line for a shot yet, and I don't really understand what on earth. I thought I was all set as of two months ago.

I am going to say that my reticence was to ensure that all the kinks in vaccination have been ironed out before it goes through my fragile, sensitive system. I have researched the human blood system at length from when I was in sixth grade because I was looking into what can go wrong with it. (I think that was seventeen years ago.) It's helpful to live so close to the University of Pennsylvania, which has a treasure trove of information about this kind of thing! Looking it back up reminds me that it was rare.

However, as it turns out, I live a little too far away from them to ask for their help in getting a vaccination. I'm in suburbia - West Chester, a hop, skip and jump away from West Chester University, where I got my undergraduate degree. It's on the wall in my room above where my cats eat sometimes!
And the new downstairs place is where the old dogfood bowl used to be. Requiescat in pacem, Leo. (Our former dog passed away this week, and nobody I consulted with wanted a replacement friend. I was okay, but that dog was giving me such a rough time at the end of his life. My apologies to the rest of my family who had more of an attachment to him than I did, but he was physically injuring me when I was trying to help him somewhat frequently for the past couple of weeks, so all forms of affection for him from me vanished. It's not that I hated him, but he hurt me.)

(I don't know why I had Soramimi Cake stuck in my head but that's just what happened. I am also relieved for melodies that actually sopranos can sing, not really altos. I mean, I was trying to go with the flow with the stuff from yesterday, but it wasn't cutting it.)

Well I will be off then!
Syaoran Sleeping Beauty

Wasn't I formerly eligible for a COVID-19 shot...?

So we've been calling around everywhere (n.b. I hate the phone even if it's someone appealing with fun messages) but only half of my immediate family have gotten the vaccination(s).

To lessen my anxiety I am writing and drinking my second cup of tea today.

No, also watching John Oliver discuss ageing. Since most of us are going to do such a thing! My, he put a picture of a puzzle there reminding me I ought to make tracks on my butterfly thousand-piecer soon if I want to get it done before I get the next one.

Right now this butterfly woods one is spread all over the room across from my parents' room.

Hey, I've written emails to those senators on John Oliver's show about x, y, and z, and they've written long dispatches back to me about how they are making these things better! That made me feel better as a person.
Syaoran Sleeping Beauty

I don't understand, I thought it WAS my turn...

People keep giving me mixed messages about this vaccination campaign stuff, so I don't know whom to trust anymore.

There's some kind of Egyptian women's rights thing playing on the international BBC channel right now so I'm playing that for my cockatiel. He seems to like it. He's making lots of noise of approval.

ALSO, I am in a great deal of pain from my right wrist and elbow.

I wonder if I have tennis elbow or this cubital tunnel syndrome... /no clue not a doctor

This link is talking about the funny bone!
Uh oh.
"If the nerve is very compressed or has been compressed for a long time, muscle wasting in the hand can occur. Once this happens, muscle wasting cannot be reversed. For this reason, it is important to see your doctor if symptoms are severe or if they are less severe but have been present for more than 6 weeks."
I called for assistance immediately as soon as I noticed a moderate problem so it may be reversible.
I like Bach too.

I closed out of it before I scared myself any more.
All I'm doing is relying more on my left hand until I feel better. Fortunately, with this computer, I can use the mouse with the left hand! It's just a matter of remembering to switch it back to the right for my mother.

Dr Vasiuk did not give me any kind of pronouncement whether or not I can or cannot go about my life. So I don't know right now.

As far as cat psychology goes...

Matilda is far more upset about the recent loss of Leo than my younger cat Cora, who has been chasing the new jingly balls I got from the pharmacy as a distraction. They both ran outside after I observed them for a few hours, most likely to share the news with the neighbourhood community. The former cat I mentioned was closer to the dog than the latter cat.

The way I know this is through Tilly's actions and inactions.

The one arbitrary nice thing of the day is that although I was snarky before lunch since I was also upset from loss nobody retaliated.

Thank you for being nice. I'm not sure what I'm saying anymore, it's kind of late...

Kk, I listened to 12.5 minutes of the NGA theme while cleaning the litterbox, now to ponder.

I had the Neon Genesis Evangelion theme song Cruel Angel's Thesis stuck in my head. When it was on when I was a chibi they DID play the original music on American TV without making a new version.

In other news, I got a new wrist-thingerm yesterday almost entirely because it reminded me of the robot warriors in that show. No prevarication here - that was its entire selling point. (Well, the other reason was that I was compelled by my doctor to get better support for my arm, which was the reason I contacted my primary care physician, and not to try and get the COVID-19 vaccination I had been talking about before, or so that's what the doctor decided. [Or so I finally said to them when I finally got there, so that I wouldn't seem pathetic, which is what I've been trying to say to volandum. After all, although I sense I beget a great deal of pathos, I do not like to, because being mocked sucks, even if it's all in good fun.] That's why humour is difficult for me. In reality, I do not find most stuff funny, although I will act like it. /good actress) There were three different types of arm support available at the pharmacy. (There may have been more, but I noticed three.)
It seems my arm went mecha with the new reinforcement!
(I think there may be more animes out there by now than Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tenchi Muyo, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Chobits, Azumanga Daioh, and Di Gi Charat but if they are any good is a different story. I might have collected a couple of other shoujo titles and one-shots at all the conventions I've lived at over the years but I don't think they were all that good or too major. I mean, besides like Magic Knight Rayearth (which I think has more than one OP) and Tokyo Mew Mew. I definitely REALLY obsessed over those and all the sugary stuff I took in with them. SERIOUSLY. Listening to the OPs to those makes me nod my head emphatically as I type that. I might not have the energy to dig up all the rest, since I remember being very, very, VERY into Cardcaptor Sakura, Chobits, Azumanga Daioh, and Di Gi Charat at different times.)
In curiosity, I looked up whether MKR had more than one OP, and it just has Yuzurenai Negai, which I taught to Mattsu, but it does have a 2 which I don't know. I don't know Kirai ni Narenai and I don't think I like it much.

The other reason I got this particular one was that it made me think of falconry. If I were more interested in getting a hawk or eagle I'd probably want a longer shield that goes up my forearm, but for the likes of Oliver, the cockatiel who has been devouring the very last of the millet spray I have, the little one I got is sufficient. (Right now I am having him listen to the Cosi fan tutte overture - see, if you are one of my pets, you must be indoctrinated in my music, and that is the first orchestral piece I ever performed, when I was fifteen or sixteen. Like last time, that is not a recording of my orchestra. There may be a recording of my orchestra floating around somewhere.)

Oops! By a slip of the finger, I accidentally killed the music at a dumb part. We'll listen to the Jupiter Symphony instead! I like that one better anyway because I am not an opera singer, I'm an oboist.

Aw, he has done unfortunate things to my arm now. My music is in the middle of the second movement... So I will skip to the 4th movement now :D Everyone likes the 4th movement better, the hey guys, let's round the whole thing up since geez I've REALLY gotta go to the bathroom now movement right?

As scientists have discerned, most people do not actually think this, more along the lines of what may gratify their next urge the fastest, it is really the fact that I drink a lot of tea and want to listen to it all before I go for my business.

I just put Oliver to sleep a little late (about five past midnight GMT hahahahaha - I cleaned up the unfortunate things he did to my arm.) He HATES the wrist-guard I mentioned at the beginning of this entry, and my mother said that's since it separates him from the warmth of human contact.

Sleep well friends!